Wednesday 20 June 2012

Zoobles Toy Review

This article was first published on The Vegetarian Experience on 6th September 2011

Zoobles?? What are Zoobles? 

That was pretty much my first thought when eldest was offered the chance to review a Zoobles toy. Zoobles are actually sphere shaped cute collectable colourful characters which each have their own unique characteristics. After rolling around in their sphere, they spring to life upon contact with their Happitat, for hours of endless fun.

I actually had no idea what Zoobles were, but eldest, who pays more attention than I do to the adverts on Milkshake recognised them from the advert the moment I gave it to her - "Zoobles spring to life!! A mummy Zooble and a baby Zooble, wow!". Yes, she got a Zooble with a really cute baby Zooble which tucks into a tiny pouch in her tummy!

Zoobles, which are designed for girls age 4 to 9 really do appeal to eldest's imagination. She has played with her Zooble for quite a long time every day and incorporated her Zooble into her play with other toys. She has hugely enjoyed playing Mummy Zooble and baby Zooble and this has led to conversations about how mummy's look after their babies - animals and human!. I would imagine that by building up a collection of Zoobles, you could do a lot more with them and promote much more conversation and play than if you just have one. 

I would not have initially picked this Zoobles as a toy to buy for eldest, but having seen how much fun she has had with her Zooble, and how attached she has become to it, I am considering increasing her Zoobles collection at christmas.

There are lots of different Zoobles to collect, including Zoobles which light up and ones with changeable outfits. You can also buy Zooble playsets.  

Zoobles live on Zooble Isle, which is divided into 6 main regions including: Petagonia, Azoozia, Petal Point, Chillville, Pinegrove, and Seagonia. From each name you can generally infer the type of Zoobles that can be found within its region. Though currently there are only 6, you can expect to discover 6 new regions every year as Zooble Isle expands. There is a whole interactive Zoobles world online for kids to explore and have fun in. By visiting and playing regularly, you can earn zoints to win prizes.

I would definitely recommend Zoobles as a great collectable toy for little girls. Starting at just £5.99, Zoobles make great pocket money toys and there is a whole world of fun to be had with them. Have your little ones got any Zoobles? What do you and they think of them?

Disclaimer, Zoobles received free of charge in consideration for review

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