Wednesday 27 June 2012

Thomson Holidays & Guinness World Records

During half term we we invited to attend an event hosted by Thomson Holidays and Guinness World Records at Whipsnade Zoo. We were there to learn more about Thomson's new partnership with Guinness World Records. You may be asking what Thomson and Guinness World Records have in common - well, Thomson have teamed up with Guinness World Records to offer their holiday makers the opportunity to indulge in some family fun, and break a selection of records whilst they are on holiday. Launching across all 18 Thomson holiday resorts, the records range from family fun like building the tallest limo tower in a minute, or putting the most pennies into a jar in a minute, to who can put on the most underpants put on in one minute, or the longest duration ping- pong blowing. Record attempts are open to all holidaymakers staying at Thompson Family Resorts during the 2012 summer season. Heats take place during the day, followed by record breaking attempts in the evening, on stage in front of an audience. 

During the event, bloggers and our families had a chance to practice breaking world records ourselves. Much fun ensued as we set out to see what records could be broken. Thomson and Guinness World Records staff were on hand to assist us, and were fabulous at encouraging the kids to get stuck in and have a go. There were attempts for the tallest Lilo stack, the most number of coins in a piggy bank blindfolded, the fastest blindfolded Mr Potato Head Assembly, and the most number of hats on a head in one minute. After a delicious dinner, the official world record attempts began, and we were invited to attempt a Guinness World Record for real! There were quite a few brilliant attempts. Top Ender, over at A Mother's Ramblings broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest Blindfolded Mr Potato Head. Her attempt was extremely impressive. The big hairy northern one over at Mummy Whisperer made a valiant attempt to beat the Lilo World Record holder, only to be pipped at the last minute when his Lilo Stack fell. There was also one more world record holder. I don't often blow my own horn, but.... I am a Guinness world record holder!. Yes, little old me gave the 'most hats on the head in one minute' challenge a go... and I beat the previous world record by 2 - placing 29 hats on my head in one minute. I received a wonderful certificate through the post, and it's something to tell the grandkids at least!


If you wish to track the records being broken in the various Thomson resort, you can do so on the Guinness World Records Challengers website. Attempts will be taking place all through the summer, in family friendly Thomson resorts including the Balearics Islands, Canary Islands, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and Spain.,

Thompson family resorts are designed to appeal specifically to families. Anyone who has ever gone on holiday with kids knows how much more stress free it is if the company actually caters for families. Thomson has equipment for little ones which comes from Mothercare, such as cots, pushchairs, playpens high chairs, bottle warmers and sterilisers that parents can book to use, meaning no hassle trying to pack to fly to your destination. Other features include parent and baby rooms, family friendly entertainment, children's buffets, playgrounds & soft play areas. Additionally, there is a crèche for 0-3 year olds, which is run by fully qualified staff.

The book of Guinness World Records is loved all over the world and the is even a gamers edition (that's going on hubby's Christmas list). 40000 records are claimed each year in 160 countries. 

After the event finished we had a chance to look around the zoo. Unfortunately, the wet weather ruined our plans to visit many animals, but we did catch a glimpse of the elephant, giraffes and a few others, before retreating home to change into some warm clothes and dry our boots out.

Thanks to all at Thomson and Guinness for such a wonderful day out. 

Disclosure: We were invited to attend this event which included lunch, in consideration of review. All opinions are my own.

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