Thursday 21 June 2012

Babies Go Beatles - Review

This article was first published on The Vegetarian Experience on 5th December 2011

It's a popular misconception that babies have to be in a quiet room to sleep. In fact, babies hear noises inside their mother during pregnancy and so once born, actually settle better to sounds such as music or white noise

Awake or asleep, most babies love music, mine certainly did and still do. The trouble is, it is often heard to find good music that either isn't nursery rhymes, or is suitable for children. So when I was recently asked to review a CD from the Babies Go range, I couldn't wait to have a listen. Babies Go CD's feature familiar popular songs recorded in a more soothing style for babies. I was spoilt for choice as to what to go for.... 'Babies Go Carpenters' in tribute to my Mum, a huge Carpenters fan, 'Babies Go Guns and Roses' in tribute to my younger grunge years, 'Babies Go Christmas' to celebrate the festive season or 'Babies go MJ' in tribute to the king of pop, plus many more titles.

In the end I went for Babies Go Beatles in an attempt to begin my children's education with a musical institution. This Beatles CD features classics from the Fab Four such as Hey Jude, Let it Be, Yesterday, Michelle, Yellow Submarine and Ob La Di,Ob La Da, and has been repackaged for a new younger generation. Rather than the swinging sounds of the sixties, the instrumental Beatles tracks are transformed into a more soothing tone by entirely using only musical instruments that have a calming and appealing feel to babies and toddlers. Whilst changing the sound of the song, it retains the musicality of the original recordings. These gentle lullabies and boppy tunes appeal on different levels to all kids. My toddler loves dancing along to the CD in the day and falling to sleep with it on at night. My 4 yr old loves using the CD as a backing track to the songs she has learnt. This CD is great to play at home, in the car, on a plane or anywhere in fact.

For sheer ingenuity, I am awarding the Babies Go Beatles CD 8 out of 10, marks deducted for not including more Beatles Classics such as I am the Walrus and other more popular hits. 

To view or purchase the Babies Go CD collection, please click here.

Babies Go Beatles CD offered in Consideration for Review

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