Thursday 21 June 2012

Costa Concordia Runs Aground off Italian Coast

This article was first published on The Vegetarian Experience on 14th January 2012

I have been following this story on Twitter tonight. Around 4200 passengers and crew are reported to have evacuated the Costa Concordia after it ran aground off the coast of Giglio, Tuscany. As a big fan of cruising holidays, hearing this makes me really sad. I have had so many lovely cruises during the last few years and even though you rarely think this will happen, for me it is always something to think about when you are cruising. That's why I always make sure we pay attention to safety notices and drills etc when we are on board just in case we ever need to use them. Watching the ship gradually going lower and lower into the water has been awful. My thoughts go out to everyone involved and I hope that as many people as possible get off safely.

07.50 GMT Third person located inside the Cruise ship

Sunday 07.18 GMT 2 rescued and more sounds from Deck 3 of the ship

18:53 GMT Sky News reports that Captain of the Costa Concordia and the First Officer are to be detained on charges of Manslaughter and Abadoning Ship. Dozens are still missing

15.40 GMT 25 British passengers and 12 British Crew. All Accounted for. Via Sky News

15.03 GMT Updated reports are 3 fatalities, around 60 missing.
 Updated from the Daily Mail

photos via Twitter

06.19 GMT New pic as the sun rises via Giglio News

06.10 GMT First Light Look at the Costa Concordia via @Simontravels. So capsized but not fully submerged..

06.04 GMT Sky News confirms that 'a number of British nationals are believed to have been on board the ship'.

05.45 GMT Wave Witness interview in English 

05.31 GMT Reports from Crusiers Connect that the Costa Concordia is now submerged under the water.

04.41 GMT Giglio Harbour Webcam shows that Cruise ship lights visible earlier are no longer visible

04.38 GMT Latest Costa Statement

04.07 GMT BBC reports there were still 200 people on board the ship

3.56 GMT Via @cruiseshipcrew

The Costa Concordia is on her side.
3.54 GMT Link to news story 

3.46 GMT reports ship has rolled over...

Via @patrickmcclorey

Latest reports 3.43 GMT  
  • Ship Evacuated but last contingency of disabled and other passengers still trapped on board
  • 8 Fatalities
  • People seen falling or jumping into the water as ship evacuated.
  • People still missing in the water
  • Local schools, churches, halls taking in the evacuated  passengers
 More pictures of the stricken ship here.

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

Lucky whatever happened started close to land.  Ramming a ship can keep it raised but raises risk of capsizing.

Sky news reports earlier tonight

Nave crociera incagliata, 6 morti Via www.

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