Monday 5 November 2012

E2Save and their Fraudulent Employees!

As a mobile customer I seem to get lots of cold-calls from every mobile phone company going. It seems that every week there is a different mobile phone company phoning to offer me the latest upgrade, handset or deal.

As a grown adult and consumer, you would think that I would be able to decide for myself if, or indeed, when, I would like an upgrade, or a new handset, or tariff.

Apparently not it seems.......

A few days ago I received a phone call from a girl that went roughly like this.... "alright, yeah, we got the new IPhone 5 in stock and I wann ed to know if you wann ed one". As a busy mum of two, these phone calls are a complete pain in the backside and so she got a curt no thank you as all cold callers of her nature do. I had no idea where she was calling from and I had no idea where she had been passed my details from.

I thought no more of it.

However, imagine my surprise two days later when I receive a text message on my current phone from my provider saying that my contract had been upgraded to a two year £46 per month contract and then another text message from a company called E2 Save who told me that my new phone was on the way. 

I thought this must be a mistake as I had no idea what was going on and was completely confused - especially more so when I logged onto my internet account and saw that my phone tariff had changed to this new more expensive tarriff. I immediately contacted my provider and explained that I had no idea why or how my phone had been upgraded and I was extremely concerned about what was going on. They told me that this had happened at a Carphone Warehouse Company and they passed it to their fraud team - who I am waiting to hear back from.

A day to think it over, and I realised that my call a couple of days earlier must have been too much of a coincidence not to be linked to this sudden unauthorised activity on my account. I called the number that the cold caller had called me on, and a girl answered with "hello E2 Save". I told her that someone had upgraded my mobile phone without my authorisation and she denied all knowledge of having any of my details on her system, saying that it must have been a different company.

Unfortunately, things were about to get much worse....

This evening I received another text message about my handset, so I decided to call E2Save again. This time I called their main number - at 10p per minute plus standard network rate - daylight robbery! I waited around 5 minutes to speak to someone. When I got through, I told the guy on the end of the phone what had happened and said I wanted to speak to a manager. He said I had to get past 'security' first. I wasn't giving him my details only for him to steal more information!!

Finally, I gave him my name and address and he asked what phone I had ordered - I didn't order a phone and I have no idea which phone was ordered!!!! Someone ordered a phone without my authorisation!! However, here is the kicker, next, he asked me my date of birth - which I reluctantly gave him. 

"sorry, it doesn't match the date of birth on my system. You have failed security so I can't discuss the account with you" WHAT? IT'S MY DATE OF BIRTH!! - how could my REAL date of birth not match their systems???

 I repeated it and asked him to check again and there was a completely different date of birth on the system. Someone had either stolen my identity, or made up a completely random date of birth in order to access my account and selfishly gain their commission. I told the guy that this was MY REAL DETAILS and MY REAL DATE OF BIRTH and he said that I had to give him the date of birth on the system ......

So some fraudster could phone E2Save, or an employee could access their systems, give a fake date of birth, tell them the phone they had purchased and then get access to whatever personal details of mine that they wanted, but I could not talk to anyone about an account that had been set up in my name!!! Unbelievable - what protection is there for real mobile phone customers NONE!! it seems that this company are happy to take FAKE SECURITY DETAILS and give out personal information about me. I am worried about what other details they hold on me. Do they have my bank account details? Debit card number? My kid's dates of birth? What other details do they have on me that they are happy to give out to someone else but not to the person who ACTUALLY OWNS THEM!!!!

The staff member I spoke to was extremely rude, refused to discuss my account, refused point blank to put me through to a manager and said that I could not discuss the account, even though I had reiterated that the company was at fault because of some random employee, who stole my details, illegally authorised my account when she did not have my permission, and locked me into a contract that there is no way in the world I would ever have accepted, All because of a disgusting need to gain her commission.

However, the guy I was dealing with on this call still moronically refused to put me through to anyone as I had failed to pass security. He was absolutely abhorent and couldn't cope with me going off of his 'script', so he didn't know what to say and refused to help me. Mind you... take a look at their employees...... Does this look like the kind of person who would be helpful? - It certainly doesn't to me!

photo credit E2Save
Would you trust any of these people with your personal details? Would you trust any of them not to screw you over?  I would love to know how a cold call ending in me stating " I am not interested" could be taken by a member of this asanine group as an authorisation to gain access to my account and illegally order mobile phones and contracts in my name without my say so!
Photo Credit: E2Save
I have since taken to E2 Save's twitter account and surprise surprise, I have heard nothing. My provider have passed it to their fraud dept and are looking into it but I have no idea what is going to happen and I am getting no answers from anyone as I cannot speak to E2Save as apparently my REAL DETAILS don't match the imaginary ones on their system - I am totally stuck, with a huge two year bill and no help from E2Save.

I fail to see how this is moral, ethical or even legal, or how E2Save are allowed to get away with practices like this. Worryingly, if you put E2Save into any search engine, the results bring up a catalogue of complaints and disgusting, unethical and unsavoury practices by this company dating back to at least 2007, and it seems that OfCom and the like are happy to let these practices continue and are happy for E2Save to continue screwing over honest members of the public. 

I am hoping that E2Save might have the decency to contact me and explain to me how this has happened and what they intend to do about it, however, judging by their previous performances, unfortunately, I am not holding my breath. However, I am not paying for an upgrade I never authorised and so hopefully my provider will be more helpful than this abhorent company and reverse me back to my original contract, Worringly, at the moment I am not sure what is going to happen.


  1. I hope you sorted it. I'm having the same trouble, I did agree to a new phone as they said they were from Orange, but it's not what was promised and came with no letter and they didn't send me an email as promised. When I rang Orange they said to send it to them, but to cut a long story short it was from E2Save at the Carphone Warehouse and by the time it got to the right place the seven days had expired and they sent it back to me again, still trying to sort it out, have made a complaint to Orange as they must be working with them.

  2. I hope you sorted it out. I had the same trouble, E2Save phoned on behalf of Orange, and promised me a phone with a decent camera but sent me a cheap nasty phone which you couldn't download photos with, and no letter or info with it. I rang Orange to ask where to send it back to and they gave me the wrong address so it was sent back to me, I sent it to the right address but they said seven days had elapsed and sent it back to me again. Orange have extended my contract by two years now although I didn't agree to this and have proof that I sent it back within seven days. Still fighting it out, thinking of stopping payments to Orange and telling E2Safe if they want the phone they can collect it, not paying £3.70 to send it off again!

  3. oh dear- just proves what a dishonest company they are. It was sorted out, but it ended up costing me around £70 for the pleasure as 02 couldn't refund the calls I had made on the supposedly "new" contract

  4. Oh my god Rosemary your experience mirrors my mothers dealing with E2 Save. They have really taken advantage of a 76 year old woman believes everyone is honest. In short my mumnis waiting for the second time for someone to pull up their phone records to see whether she was given a phone number to call to arrange returning the phone. I am so annoyed. My mother is talking to Trading Standards and Ofcom both of whom are very interested in these stories. The more people complain the more likely something will be done.

  5. Oh my god Rosemary your experience mirrors my 76 year old mother. Exactly the same happened to her onky she thought she was dealing with TMobile. She is seeking redress with Trading Standards and Ofcom both of whom are very interested in these stories.

  6. e2save are in partnership with a Multi Level Marketing company called ACN. ACN sells their business websites to gullible grunts for £390, where the grunts will try to earn commission by selling products via the ACN website on their behalf. One such products happen to be mobile phones where you will be redirected to e2save website if your interested in phones via ACN. If you get a cold call from a grunt trying to sell you a phone or an unauthorised upgrade, it could have something to with that particular grunt trying to increase his commision.

    1. But thats why u r still broke.



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