Thursday 29 November 2012

I wish it would Snow...

Ok, so it's not snowing yet, but I am so excited about the fact that according to weather reports it is going to be snowing soon. I love snow. I always have. Hubby thinks its hilarious, because I am prepared for snow by the end of August - making sure we have emergency supplies at home, snow boots and clothes, de-icer and scrapers, and emergency snow kits in case we get stuck in the car in snow - can anyone say preppers?!!

I thought you couldn't possibly meet anyone who was more excited about snow than I was - then along came the two mini me's - who love snow even more than I do!

Where we live, which is on the top of a hill (though not literally) we always seem to get a good dumping of snow. Even if its not snowing a few miles away, you can guarantee it will be snowing here - ensuring that trying to get the car out is a nightmare, and so its best to stay at home and watch the snowfall from your window.

Youngest who is 3, has seen snow for the last two Christmas's and so she is fully expecting it to snow again this Christmas - that's a big ask but hopefully this year she won't be disappointed.

Two Christmas's ago we went to the Christmas Eve crib service at our local cathedral. The frost was so hard and the snow was so heavy, that we were able to stand (very temporarily) on the lake - that's something you can't do every year. When the snow comes, the kids find the world even more magical than they do already - that surely can't be a bad thing!

Are you snow mad or do you hate the white stuff?



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