Monday 19 November 2012

Christmas Wish List Linky - What do YOU want for Christmas?

It seems that the run-up to Christmas is starting to reach it's full momentum at the moment. For weeks now retailers have been releasing lists of the top women's must-have gifts, or at least, gifts they think women have just got to have this Christmas. Some of these gifts are items that I wouldn't buy my worst enemy - let alone receive myself! Others seem to be accompanied with a pretty hefty price tag which leaves most regular consumers worrying about how they will pay for that "must have" gift that costs the earth and which probably doesn't really appeal much to it's recipient (well not if this list is anything to go by anyway!).

I keep being asked by various relatives what I would like for Christmas and the truth is, this Christmas - not much! Of course there are things that I would love to have this Christmas, but I am very conscious that in the current climate, I do not want friends or family bankrupting themselves and spending a lot of money on myself and my family just so we can have a few gifts at Christmas.

Still... It is nice to be able to open something on Christmas day.

However, as parents, often considering what we would actually like for Christmas, gets lost in worrying about what to buy the children, and ensuring that they have a good Christmas. Therefore, today I am featuring a couple of (hopefully affordable) things I would like to find underneath the tree on Christmas morning, and just for fun, my ultimate money-no-object wish list Christmas present too.

To make this more interesting (and not all about what I want!), I would also like to hear from YOU about what YOU really want for Christmas. You can link-up to this post below so that others can pop over to your blog and see what presents you are hoping to wake up to on Christmas morning (or maybe get some inspiration for their own gifts!)

Here are some of the gifts on my wish list:

Love to Have
As the world's number one self-confessed Downton Abbey fan, this Season Three Downton Abbey Boxset is my "must-have" christmas present this year. Retailing at around £20, I would hope that I might wake up to find Santa thinks I have been good enough to receive it!

Like to Have
Being into cookery and homeware, this year the "Log cabin" themed range from Marks and Spencer is right up my street - I would love to wake up to any of these under the tree on Christmas day - or perhaps even the whole range! (wishful thinking)
Cushion £12.50, 
Tray £15 
Cups £19.50
Ultimate Money-No-Object Present

Kitchen Aid Mixer - £300-400. 
If money were no object and we didn't have endless kids ballet, swimming and piano lessons to pay for (or we had won the lottery), then this would be on the top of my Christmas List. I have been secretly lusting after one of these for years. Functional and pretty - they are the ultimate kitchen p*rn for any foodie and if I had one of these in my kitchen, I'm sure no cooking would ever get done as I would just be staring at it all day!

So there you have it, I have shared my wishlist of Christmas gifts - now its your turn! 

What is on your wishlist this Christmas? Why not write a quick post and share what you would love to unwrap this Christmas, or what your ultimate money-is-no-object christmas gift would be? You could feature just one thing, or you could feature as many as you like! 

Link up your blog posts below and I hope you wake up on Christmas day to find exactly what you have been hoping for!



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