Thursday 21 June 2012

The Christmas Elves Arrive!

This article was first published on The Vegetarian Experience on 1st December 2011

Today, the 1st of December marks the arrival of our brand new Christmas Elves, one for each of the girls. I read about this tradition last year on Netmums, but decided to wait until the kids were a year older to introduce the Christmas Elf into our season traditions. 

The Christmas Elf tradition adds extra fun and imagination to the holiday season. The idea is that Santa's Elf visits each year during the Christmas season to encourage a fun-filled, family Christmas. The Elf makes sure that the children are behaving and are on Santa's nice list. It also helps to create happy memories of Christmas for children and keep the magic of Santa alive. 

Typically, Elves get up to all sorts of mischief during their time with their family and can be naughty or nice depending on their mood and also how well the children are behaving. They stay with a family until Christmas Eve when they are collected by Santa and taken home to the North Pole.

There are whole websites devoted to the Christmas Elf, with what they are about and ideas of what they can do. Elf Magic is one of the most popular as is Organised Christmas. On these websites, you can send a letter from Santa to let the children know that he will be sending an Elf to them to look after for the advent seasonYou can also print Elf passports and other fun things.


I wrote a poem to introduce the girls to their Christmas Elf. 

Copyright 30th November 2011

This year I’ve sent a special Elf,
To make sure you behave yourself,
She’ll stay with you until Christmas is here,
To fill your advent with festive cheer.

She’ll check if you’ve been naughty or nice,
And report back to me once or twice.
So please be nice to your Mummy and Daddy,
Or your presents may be shabby,
A lump of coal you’ll find instead
Of exciting presents by your bed.

A word of warning I’ll give to you,
Keep an eye on what she may do,
Angel Snowflake is her name,
Just watch out for her tricks and games.
On Christmas Eve she’ll say Adieu,
And leave something special to say thank you,
Off to the North Pole she will fly,
Whilst all snug in your bed you lie.

But don’t you worry, don’t you fear,
Angel will visit again next year.
When Christmas comes she will appear.


There are lots of different things that your Elf can do... Here are some to get you started:
  1. Elf arrives and goes to school for the day
  2. Delivers a new book about the story of Christmas
  3. Found having a snowball fight using cotton wool balls with the other teddy’s a toys
  4. Found surrounded by chocolate wrappers having eaten them all. (Mummy gets to eat the chocolates!)
  5. Elf could go to work with Mummy or Daddy
  6. Found reading a Christmas story
  7. Elf makes an Elf yourself video of the family
  8. Elf is found hiding in the Fridge
  9. Elf gives kids tickets to the Ballet or another treat
  10. Elf leaves a chocolate Santa
  11. Elf reads the paper and drops it everywhere
  12. Elf decorates the Christmas tree with kids socks or underwear
  13. Elf brings sporadic presents
  14. Elf plays with the toys
  15. Elf is caught abseiling up the curtains
  16. Elf is found eating the cat food
  17. Elf is caught hiding under the Christmas tree
  18. Elf leave Toilet roll strewn around the house
  19. Elf delivers Candy Canes
  20. Brings a note telling them they have email video message  from Santa portable North pole
  21. The Elves hold an elf tea party
  22. Elf is found diving head first into the cereal
  23. Make a snow Angel in the kitchen using flour or icing sugar
  24. Elf hides in the car
  25. Elf hides under the table
  26. Elf found hanging from the lampshade.
  27. Elf has a movie night with his friends and drops popcorn everywhere
  28. Leaves a Christmas hamper as a goodbye
You get the idea, there is an array of wonderful and wacky ideas on the Internet and lots to make up of your own!

Our Christmas Elves are going to have their own Facebook Page to record their antics, so please feel free to  pop over and see what they are getting up to during December.

Are you having the Christmas Elves to visit this year? There is still time if you fancy it. I got these lovely ones from Tesco and there were still lots left if you want to get one. If you are having elves then we would love to see what your elves are getting up to!

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