Thursday 21 June 2012

Keith Vaz & the Harmful Effects of Gaming (From Two Little Gamers)

Recently, my hubby started a blog of his own called Two Little Gamers, spurred on by my own enjoyment of writing my blog. Two Little Gamers refers to our two little girls who enjoy playing video games with their Daddy. Youngest (2) loves banging away on the drums to the Rock Band and Guitar Hero series. Eldest has really got into playing the DS and loves Nintendogs and Cooking Mama. She also likes to play puzzle games with Daddy and it's lovely to watch them working out the answers to the puzzles together. As well as blogging about the games the kids like to play, Hubby also reviews the games he is playing. I am not really into gaming and so most of his amazing in depth reviews of video games are really interesting but do pass me by a little.

However, yesterday he blogged and wrote an extremely interesting and thought provoking post about the harmful effects of video games and the responsibility that parents have to know what sort of content the games their children play really has. I found it really interesting and I thought you may too!

His post can be viewed here Keith Vaz & the Harmful Effects of Gaming.  Please do pop over and have a read and may be comment if it strikes a chord with you!!

You can also follow him on Twitter @technoslash if you are into gaming.

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