Friday 31 January 2014

Turning Seven....

It's pretty hard to believe, but eldest turns seven this week. Seven! How is it possible that I have been a parent for seven years? Eldest is a fairly easy-going child, and quite innocent for her age. She still likes to do the same things that she has done over the last few years like play with her barbie dolls, and pursue her obsession with disney princesses and anything pink, but the tell tale signs are creeping in that another birthday is approaching and she is now starting to get older.

Being quite tall, I am now finding that clothes choices for eldest are starting to change. Whereas it all used to be quite pink and girly, now clothes choices are becoming more in line with latest fashions. Trying to choose new outfits that doesn't consist of gold sparkly grafitti writing, or t-shirts with pictures of the boys from One Direction on is proving harder and harder as she is at least a size ahead of her age due to her height. Eldest still likes to wear quite "pretty" things with bows, florals, and ruffles being a must-have, so this is a disadvantage when you are wearing clothes older than your age.

The video gaming instinct so predominant in my gaming husband is now starting to take over eldest's interests too. Her favourite game at the moment seems to be Minecraft - like many of her peers, which she is amazingly good at. She has built a castle, and a hotel with flowers and all sorts - very impressive. She is also hooked on Disney Infinity, and enjoys playing in the toy box mode with her friends. The fact that she can now play a video game independently, and turn on and off the console is another sign that she is growing up.

The last few weeks, eldest has also commandeered my (very) old Ipod Touch and persuaded hubby to fill it full of 1D and Katy Perry tunes. She can now been seen dancing around the house with her headphones on, bopping away to "Roar" and "You don't know your beautiful" like a scarily reminiscent younger version of myself (only my walkman was filled with Kylie and Jason). This sudden interest in music is now continuing and she is now regularly found scrolling through Itunes, planning the latest playlist for Daddy to upload for her.

Eldest is also continuing with her blog, although the business of life means that her posts are a little sporadic, but hopefully, they will create a good diary for her to look back on when she is a little older. We are also starting to have conversations which I never envisaged having at such a young age about life and the universe and with an intelligent, mature little head on her shoulders, eldest is starting to ask questions which I didn't expect to have to be answering so quickly.

Birthdays always make me nostalgic, and I was struggling to hold it together as I shopped for her birthday the other day, remembering the tiny little bundle in my arms not so many years ago, bearing in mind that she is now becoming impossible to lift!

Happy Seventh Birthday!! I hope eldest has a fab birthday week!

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  1. Ah, how time does fly. But how lovely to know that her 'red carpet of life' is rolling out in front of her so well. Hope you all have a lovely day, whenever it is. :-)



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