Thursday 9 January 2014

Youngest's First Reading Book!

Today was a very big day for youngest... She got her very first ever reading book from school!

Youngest has been "reading" books at home since she was little, but after starting reception last September, at barely four, and not being able to recognise many letters or even write her name, I have been amazed how well she has come on the last term. She is now at the point where she knows almost all of her letters and sounds, and she excitedly wrote her name on an array of Christmas cards during the festive season. After practicing her "tricky words" with me over Christmas, and starting to blend sounds, her teacher has finally rewarded her hard work with her very first reading book.

I must admit that I did shed a tiny tear as she came running out of school screaming with excitement! She was so proud of herself, which was really heartwarming to see.

Youngest proudly read her reading book to Daddy and eldest tonight and did a fantastic job. Although this is only just the start of her reading journey, it is a very exciting step in her becoming an independent reader - I wonder whether she will be as much of a bookworm as eldest!

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