Tuesday 7 January 2014

Rain Rain, Go Away!

Us Brits really relish in moaning about the weather don't we, but I think over the last few weeks, everyone has had good reason to have a moan or too. The rain and winds that we have been experiencing has been unbelievable! 

We are fortunate in that we have not been affected by any major flooding, but just the fact that it has rained incessantly for days is just ridiculous and really makes people feel depressed and of course if you have the luxury of being able to hibernate at home in your onesie then the rain probably isn't so much of a burden, but if you have to venture out in it, it's just miserable!

I swear every time I set foot out of the house, the heavens open and I am soaked. Invariably, over the last few days, it has been whilst I have been trying to lug the various amounts of kit I carry for work from one place to another.

The rain has also meant that hubby, the kids, and the bloomin cat are bringing their muddy shoes and wet coats indoors into the house, making the carpets look like an absolute mess. This morning I found a set of paw prints from the front door to the cats bowl in the kitchen and had to spend ages cleaning them up.

It seems that there is no let up from this foul weather. I hate rain. Roll on the sun! (Or even the snow!)

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