Monday 2 September 2013

Daddy and the "Woollies"

I am beginning to realise that eldest it seems was somewhat something of an enigma amongst her peers. At the young age of four, she was more interested in reading stories, or making up stories about princesses, than indulging in the playground banter of other typical three and four year olds. Whilst her peers guffawed at the slightest mention of the words wee, poo, or bum, eldest didn't have time for such juvenile chatter, and often complained that it was all she heard about whilst at school and was so silly. 

Youngest, I am coming to realise, is just your typical average nursery/reception child. Any mention of the "w", "p" or "b" word, and she is on the floor rolling around in laughter like a mischievous chimpanzee. She literally thinks that those words are the funniest words to use, and will use them whenever she can - mainly, I suspect to try and get a reaction out of us. I know it is just a phase that most kids go to, but this week, she took her obsession of all things toilet related to new heights of hilarity.

During what started as a seemingly an innocent conversation, she suddenly stopped, looked straight at me, and with a glint in her eye, said "I know a naughty word". A lump quickly rose in my throat as I wondered what slip-up of profanity she could have possibly heard out of our mouths at a potentially inopportune time. "Oh right" I said - "well, what is it? - come on, tell me - you won't be in trouble.". She looked at me and said

"Woolly!", quickly followed by a series of "woollies, woollies, woollies, woollies, woollies, woollies, woollies, woollies, woollies, woollies, " With each one, her voice became louder, and each appeared funnier, until she had dissolved into fits of giggles on the floor.

By this time, hubby had made an appearance to see what all of the fuss was about. "Why is Woolly a naughty word?" we asked...

Now, during the summer holidays, whilst out, Daddy and Grandad have been forced to take youngest to the toilet on occasion and so she has had to use the men's facilities rather than the women's, and has perhaps been privy to some new knowledge she may not have been privy to before. She has already told me how the boys had "long bottoms" at pre-school..... I suddenly had an inkling of what she was talking about......

"Because boys use them to do their wee wees...... and daddy's!" she answered innocently. "Boys and Daddy's have "woollies"! Again she dissolved into fits of laughter on the floor.

Hubby and I, were trying to keep as straight faced as possible. Unfortunately, he lost it first, and then so did I - cue all of us rolling around laughing like the ending scene of a Peppa Pig episode.

I love how kid's hear and mispronounce stuff - out of the mouths of babes indeed!

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