Monday 2 September 2013

A New School Year!

So this week is youngest's first day at school, and I really don't know how I am going to react:

Part of me anticipates I may be feeling like this - it's been a long summer! and I really need some time to get the house in order, get on top of the washing, and devote some time to my new business endeavours.

I am also a little over the fighting and bickering and the fact that one minute they are playing lovely together, and the next, they are pulling each other's hair out, The constant cries of... I'm bored, I'm hungry" "she did this, she did that" have worn me down. I think my kids are now well and truly ready to get back some structure in their day and go back to school.

The other side of me will be feeling like this - upset that I am losing my little playmate to big school. It is slightly strange to be admitting that the baby phase is well and truly over, and she is off, and gone, flying into the big wide world. Trying on the school uniform had me in tears. It is a big step, and I hope I won't be embarrassing her in the playground - although I know some of the other Mum's will be feeling the same. It will also be a shame to lose them all day to school, as we have had some lovely days playing in the fresh air - we have been so lucky to be able to spend much of the summer outside.

The kids going back to school is also a sign that our lovely sunny summer is not here to stay for much longer, in fact, it is officially Autumn now! To all Mum's with children starting school this week - whether it's their very first day or not, good luck! See you on the other side!

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