Wednesday 4 September 2013

The First Day of School....

Youngest had her very first day at school today. Trying to get her to stand still for a picture was a impossible as she was so excited, she was up by 6:30am raring to go and was desperate to get her school uniform on. She raced to the school gates and was off, playing with friends she has made over the last couple of years.

I guess that starting school is always slightly easier for the youngest, as she had visited the school many times, and knows many of the children and their siblings already, so none of the apprehensiveness that eldest experienced of not knowing anything about the school, or anyone at the school.

I had gone through the processes of sewing all of the labels on the uniform, preparing her for eating school dinners, visiting the conveniences, dressing and undressing herself, playing nicely with the other children, and all of the other things that kids need to be independent in reception. I also remembered the unwritten rule of not turning up after school without a drink or snack, as school is definitely hungry and thirsty work... and Mummy scores a few mummy points to store up.

The drop-off actually went relatively smoothly and she was off, ready and willing for the start of her school career. I then found myself with a very quiet child-free house, something that hasn't happened for quite a while. I must admit that whilst worrying about her all day, it was nice to have back control of the tv, and to be able to drink a cup of tea without it going cold. I also caught up on some housework - the bane of every parent's life, especially in the summer holidays!

I found this poem on Netmums today, and it kind of sums up my feelings about youngest's first day at school... Hopefully the great start to her school career will continue for many years to come!

The uniform’s a little big, the satchel hangs down low
And I dread that in a moment I will have to let you go.
We walk slowly up the school path, your hand held tight in mine
But there’s a hint of apprehension behind your steadfast smile.
I worry where you’ll eat your lunch & if new friends will be there?
To laugh away the hours that we two used to share!
I’ll miss your constant chatter & being smothered in your kisses
I’ll miss our cheeky catnaps instead of cleaning up the dishes!
I wonder if you’ll miss me too but I hope everybody sees
The special things about you that mean the world to me!
So I squeeze your hand to make you brave & pray the tears don’t come
For there’s no need to worry…I’m all grown up now mum Xxx

Having done this once already when eldest started school, I am well aware that the playground can be a very intimidating place for new parents. As well as the new children at the start of this term, do look out for those new parents at the school gates who may be looking a little lost, or feeling completely intimidated. Flash them a smile, or maybe say Hello - remember, you were that parent once!

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