Tuesday 3 September 2013

Review: About Time Movie

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a preview of  “About Time” – A new film from Richard Curtis, Director of Four Weddings, Love Actually, and many other great films.

The preview, held in London's Leicester Square, was showing the same night as the new One Direction Film, and so I fought my way through the crowds of pre-pubescent girls (and boys) filling Leicester Square, in order to get a sneak-preview of what the film was like.

About Time, stars a host of household names including Bill Nighy, Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson. The premise of the film is based around the revelation that the protagonist discovers that he is able to move freely through his own life timeline (although this comes with a caveat).

What follows is a warm, witty, truly endearing comedy, which sees the main character Tim, travel back and forth through his own life, changing some situations, and making new discoveries about others - he is ultimately, trying to change the past for a better future. Along the way, there are many scenes of hilarity, and also other touching scenes which will leave you sobbing into your kleenex.  I absolutely loved the film. What makes it so great, is Curtis’ ability to take every-day situations which the large majority can relate to, and create heart-warming drama out of it. As I watched the film, I was reminded of situations which I have already gone through, and was transported back to exactly how I felt at the time.

I also really enjoyed the background setting and scenery of the film. The backdrop of London reminded me of similar scenes seen in Notting Hill and Love Actually. There is an unmistakably sense of Britishness to the film - those scenes on the London Underground, and the familiar sights of London create a feel of what it really is like to live in the capital city - as someone in your twenties and beyond. The featuring of the kinds of accommodation many of us have lived in – that rented attic room in a large, creaky house, the trendy, bijou, budget, on-a-shoe-string apartment, giving way to the Edwardian/Victorian classic terraces many new families dream about, moving to the old, rambling, English country house estates full of elegant rooms flooded with light, and dark cubby’s which are terrific for hiding, it’s almost as if Richard Curtis was taking me on a journey through my ultimate architecture. The film certainly celebrates the best of British scenery – guaranteed to appeal to the British and International audience.

I would definitely go and see this film again. It is the kind of film you might attend with your partner, a group of girlfriends or female family members, or as a big-group of friends. This film certainly makes you think about your close relationships and the time that you have to spend with the people you love.

Richard Curtis has made some of my favourite films of all time. Although I don’t feel that the film quite had the edge that Love Actually had, Once Again is a fantastic film, and it is also an unmistakably Richard Curtis film.

About Time opens in Cinemas in the UK on September 4th and in the US on November 1st. You can watch the official trailer here 

So, What would you do if you could live every day over again? 

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