Thursday 15 August 2013

Hiding From The Kids

I love the school holidays for such a variety of reasons - the main one being that there is no obligation to get up early. My husband will tell you, I am most definitely not a morning person, and the pressure to get them to school on time each day is not something I relish.

Then there's the opportunity to spend more time with the kids during the summer holidays - the fact that you can go just about anywhere you want, and you don't have to think about being back for school pick-up at 3pm, or rushing off to after school clubs. This also includes a chance to just stay at home and relax a bit more, to take a step back from the constant running in and out of the house that we experience during term time. 

I have really enjoyed spending time with the girls over the last few weeks, and watching them play, develop and grow. It's great to just have fun together rather than having to be shouty mum ushering them here and there. 

Sometimes though...... just sometimes....the incessant chatter gets too much. The endless calls of "Mummmmeeeeyyyyy" become equivalent to someone scraping their nails down a blackboard. The inane sound of kids tv in the background on a loop, like groundhog day, and the bickering which cuts right through you like a knife gives you visions of booking a holiday to somewhere sunny.... for one.... 

Today, I've taken to hiding in the bathroom, seeking some solace from the noise, hoping they haven't noticed that I've disappeared for five minutes to think my own thoughts rather than have my mind consumed with theirs.

It seems that we are never happy - when they are at school we dream of long summer days when they are free, and we can go here and there, and when they are not at school, the fairytale soon shatters and we just want those precious few hours in the day back again. 

It is a reality that kids grow up so fast. Soon they will have flown the nest and we will be pining for the days when their little footsteps filled their lives, and their sounds filled the endless silence, but right now, in this moment, what I wouldn't do to just sit down for five minutes in peace!!!

Now, how many days until school starts again? 

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  1. Love the picture. And yes, it's all so true. Want to spend loads of time with them and have the cuddles and the nice bits - oh and the lie-ins of course (although they're still both up and down before 7, but they do it without me now, yay!), but life is not a bed of roses all the time :)



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