Saturday 8 February 2014

Literacy Week at School

This week the girls' school held a literacy week. As big fans of literacy in our house, we were very excited to have a whole week dedicate to writing and books. We were also quite lucky in that it co-incided with a trip we made last weekend to the Roald Dahl Museum for eldests birthday, so both girls have been fully immersed in literacy this week!

I always loved literacy as a child. I would spend hours reading books and writing stories, and when I was nine, I won a national literacy competition. Both girls seem to be big lovers of books also. Youngest's scientific/mathematical mind seems to flourish over literacy, but her imagination for stories is fantastic. Eldest is a complete clone of me in terms of her flair for reading and writing, and she spends hours with her nose in a book, or creating stories, letters and poems.

My eldest little bright spark, took part in a literacy workshop with others who have a flair for creative writing. It was lovely to see her mind being stretched and inspired, and having some space to be able to concentrate on a subject that she loves. She really enjoyed it.

Her class have also been creating superheroes this week, and as a parent helper, I was able to work with some of them, thinking about the kinds of super powers their superheroes would have. The children all really enjoyed it and produced some great work. It was great to see them being inspired, and it took me back to being at school and being so immersed in literacy!! I sadly don't have so much time for it now!

Yesterday, youngest's class dressed up for the day to give them inspiration for their writing. She dressed up as a Pirate Princess. I bought her the costume at Christmas, and she looks so cute in it, so it was fab that she had a chance to wear it. She was a little upset that everyone just concentrated on the girls dressed up as princesses, and not her, but I am biased and I think that being a Pirate is much more exciting than being a princess!! Both girls really enjoyed their literacy week!

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