Monday 25 November 2013

Review: Espiritu Salon and Spa: Hair, Reflexology & Christmas Charity Donations

You know those pretentious kinds of Hairdressers or Beauty Salons where you walk in and you are met with cold stares from employees who look like they just stepped out of a celebrity magazine or fashion catalogue? A place where you immediately wonder what possessed you to even book an appointment, and why you thought it would be a good idea? Well..... I don't know if you have had that experience, but that's what I typically experience whenever I walk into anywhere vaguely beauty-related.

I wouldn't say I am a particularly girly person. I am not massively into beauty - mainly because I just don't have the time. My nails have seen better days, and the last time I went to the hairdressers was probably somewhere circa 2009. I loathe getting into the hairdressers chair and have them ask the dreaded question "so when did you last get your hair done" and have them visibly step back in horror at the answer I sheepishly give.

Well, with that sort of salon in mind, I have also been a bit wary of paying to spend a bit of me time in a Spa or Salon. So I was quite excited, but also a little cautiously apprehensive when my friend Lisa Pearson aka The Mummy Whisperer told me that she was opening a new salon and spa in Radlett. Knowing the lovely, friendly person that she is, and her vision to help women to look and feel good, I felt certain that the kind of Salon she opened up would be welcoming, friendly, and a place which makes women feel comfortable, and where they leave feeling fantastic.

Espiritu Salon and Spa, which is set in Battlers Green Farm, Radlett, does not fail to disappoint as a salon which is a bit different to what else is available locally. The salon offers both beauty treatments and hairdressing services. They also offer holistic therapies. Espiritu uses completely natural, organic products, which means that your body is not being exposed to any nasty chemicals or toxins when you visit.

Set in wonderful vintage surroundings, a trip to Espiritu salon is a bit like walking back in time. The salon and spa is dedicated to old-style glamour, with the most beautiful vintage wallpaper, and free beverages in vintage china - real teapots and all, whilst offering more up-to-date features like free wifi, free mobile phone charging and state of the art equipment for treatments. 

Having heard good things about the staff Lisa hired, I decided to bite the bullet and get my hair done. Pre-children I had highlights in my hair, and I wanted to get them put back in. My hair also needed a good cut having not been cut in a while (when do Mum's have time to cut their hair???). I booked in with Jo - a local stylist who used to work for a Salon I have visited before. Still a little apprehensive, I described what I wanted and she immediately understood. I felt very safe in her hands and her friendly manner really put me at ease. Having had highlights before, I know what a tedious, time-consuming process it can be, but I have to say, Jo was the fastest person I have ever known to do highlights. Her hands moved like lightning and pretty soon I was sitting under the dryer, waiting for the colour to take hold. My hair was soon washed and cut, and Jo spent time blow-drying it into a great style.

When she had finished, the end result was absolutely amazing. I was very surprised with how good the colour looked after having had a few bad experiences with other salons. Jo got the colour just as I wanted, and it was well distributed throughout my hair. I was really impressed with my experience of having my hair done. I was well looked after by Jo and the assistant, felt completely in safe hands, and I loved the result. I have found a hair salon I can trust and will be going back to!

After my fantastic hair treatment, Lisa asked if I would like to try a Reflexology treatment with the lovely Mandy. Reflexology is a system of massaging the feet in order to relieve tension and treat illnesses. I had never tried Reflexology before, but knew about it and had heard good things about it.

The environment of Reflexology is typically  like many other holistic treatments, in that it occurs a one-to-one basis, and takes place in a treatment room, with low lighting, music and a scented candle or similar filling the room. Personally, I love having holistic treatments such as a massage or similar, and so felt very at home in this environment. During a reflexology treatment, Mandy would typically start by taking her clients' medical history, and talking through any health issues or similar they had. After a chat, Mandy began my treatment. What followed was an absolutely blissful hour. I don't mind my feet being touched, but it may be a little strange for those who are a bit squeamish about people touching their feet. As Mandy massaged my feet, I was able to completely relax and I'm sure at some point I fell asleep and may even have emitted a little snore - I was so relaxed! The Reflexology treatment was absoloutely amazing.  After my time was up, Mandy left me to reacclimatise to my surroundings. She then talked through what massaging my feet had told her about my body. I must say that I was surprised when she was able to diagnose a minor issue - just from touching my feet! She told me how she would work through future reflexology treatments to try and balance my system out. I would definitely recommend a trip to Mandy if you have any health issues. She is fantastic. If anything, it's a blissful hour that could help improve your mental and physical health!

Mandy is especially experienced in Reflexology for women trying to conceive, and during pregnancy, so I would definitely recommend a visit to her for pregnancy-related conditions.

I would also recommend a visit to Mel for reflexology and EFT - she is also a great therapist.

Espiritu Salon and Spa is a fantastic place, It makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, and there is a range of treatments on offer - Hair cuts and colour, Nails, Waxing, Threading, Facials, Massage, Reflexology, Head Massage, Reiki, and more!!

Do go and make a visit to Espiritu Spa and Salon and book a treatment - you won't regret it!

Christmas Donations
Espiritu Salon and Spa are also very community minded. This Christmas, the salon is supporting Homestart Watford and Three Rivers. Homestart is a voluntary organisation which promotes the welfare of families with at least one child under five. Underneath their salon Christmas Tree, Espiritu will be collecting Christmas Presents for families with a child under five years old. If you are able to donate a present for a child under five, please do consider dropping one off at Espiritu if you are able.

It's easy to donate all you need to do is:
1) Wrap a present suitable for a child under five.
2) Label the present "girl" or "boy" - depending on who the gift is most suitable for
3) State the age of the child the present is most suitable for.
4) Drop off to the salon and spa at Battlers Green Farm, Radlett

Please deliver before December 13th 2013 if you can.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Reflexology treatment in consideration for review, but even if I had paid for my treatment, I would still be writing this post to tell you all about this new fantastic place!

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  1. Thank you so much for your lovely review Clare, especially for mentioning our Homestart scheme - really appreciate it!



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