Wednesday 12 December 2012

The School Play and the "Firsts" of Younger Siblings.

Youngest had her very first school play yesterday. Having practiced for weeks and regaled us with repeated renditions of Christmas classics (and some not so classic) she dressed up as an angel with all of the other girls, and sang her little heart out. Another proud Mummy moment to put into the memory bank.

Sometimes I find that younger children's "firsts" get slightly overlooked because as parents, we did it all before with our very first child, so we may not feel that the firsts of subsequent children are as significant as the very first time we went through that experience as parents.

However, for youngest, her first carol concert was a huge deal. She had been so excited about it all week and felt really proud last night that she had given two performances. I am as guilty as everyone else of not always making such a big deal of youngest's firsts as I did with the eldest, and so I think that this is going to one of my new years resolutions - to always remember youngest's firsts as well as eldests!

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