Monday 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Since moving my non-foodie related content over to my new second home "Just Do It Mummy", I have loved the freedom it has allowed me to write about any topic I like. This blog is relatively 'young' at a mere 6 months old, and I wasn't going to speak of my 2012 Highlights, but to be honest, it has been a pretty fantastic year -for the country as a whole and for us as a family, so here are some of my Highlights of the Year.

  • In September I organised a local food fayre at school with help from the PTA. This was a fab event and was one of my personal achievements of the year.
  • Raised over £3000 for charity with the help of others since September. Through our PTA, Ladies Circle and NCT I have taken part in various fundraising events.
  • Lectured at Herts Uni - talking about one of my favourite topics to Uni students.
  • Took two trips to Yeo Valley - a refreshing and unique place and a place which gets under your skin (in a good way!)
  • Our family trip to EuroDisney/Paris - We drove to Paris with the in-laws and had a fab time. The kids had the time of their lives and we enjoye dourselves too!
  •  The Olympics/Queens Jubilee - what an epic year for the country!
  • Earning a Guinness World Record with Thomson Holidays - 29 Hats on my head in one minute! Sadly my record was beaten, but I still have the certificate to prove it.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2013!

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