Sunday 9 December 2012

"Music For Kids" Recorder Princess - Review

I always remember my first proper recorder. I was five or six. It was black, with a white mouth piece and I used to 'practise' 'Jesus hand's are kind hand's' on it on a daily basis - much to my mother's protestations.

I still look back with fondness at my years spent learning recorder at primary school, and I can still remember all of the tunes I learned even now. To some extent, I think that the recorder is still the quintessentially British first instrument that all children should learn to play as it can be a great basis for developing their musical talent at a young age.

In today's modern society, I suspect some kid's may not really be chomping at the bit to learn to play the recorder - especially if it's of the boring black and white variety, however, thankfully, there is something new on the market - the perfect gift to get kid's interested in music!

Music for Kids have developed two gender-themed "Open and Play" Recorder packs. Pirates for the boys and Princesses for the girls.

These packs aim to make learning to play the recorder a fun, rewarding and pleasurable experience.

The packs include: 

* High quality three piece coloured descant recorder

* Recorder cleaning rod and carry bag with drawstring

* Themed fingering chart with handy ‘Starting to Play’ tips

* 60 peelable themed stickers with which to decorate the recorder and music

* Easy to understand ‘Starting to Play…’ tutor book and CD to begin

We were sent the Pink Recorder Princess pack to review. Eldest (almost 6) is very musical and has already learnt to start reading music and playing the piano, so she took to this like a duck to water. Along with her sparkly pink recorder, she loved the starting to play book and CD, and the princess-themed stickers to reward her hard work.

The pack includes a sheet which shows you how to play all of the different notes. I can actually read music and play the recorder and other instruments, but I think this is great if music is not your thing as kids can fail at the first hurdle if they find it hard to even learn which notes are which! The book also includes songs like Twinkle, twinkle, and Old McDonald, which the kids can play along with the CD too.

Eldest is over the moon with her new recorder kit and she is doing well at learning a variety of different songs. This is a great pack for kids and a great way to get them interested in musical instruments.

You can purchase the Open and Play Princess Recorder Pack via the Music For Kids website.

Disclosure: Recorder Princess Set offered in consideration of review.

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