Friday 23 May 2014

May School Dayz

It's been a busy week for the girls at school this week. On Tuesday, the children held their annual May Day Celebrations. As a reception class member, youngest was one of the "Assistants" to the May Queen which meant that she got to dress up and wear a pretty dress and have flowers in her hair. This put eldest's nose out of joint as she was left in big standard school uniform. However, she graciously conceded her fate, and both girls performed their dances fantastically. Youngest did a "circle dance" and eldest danced the "Virginia Reel" with her class. She can't wait for next year and she gets to tackle the Myapole - very exciting!!

This week, youngest also had her class assembly. Her class have been learning about Dragons and Castles, which she read out a lovely report about. Considering that aged four, in January, she couldn't even read, I was seriously impressed that she was able to read her report out loud.

I am so glad that both my girls seems to love going to school, and it is nice to be able to go into school to share in their achievements!

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