Friday 6 December 2013

T J Hughes Featured Post: Luggage for the Holidays

As well as the great British traditional summer holiday, many people find their thoughts turning to packing to go away towards Christmas time. You may be seeking to escape the country and go off to sunnier climes for Christmas, or be travelling back home to visit family and friends. Wherever you are going, there is no doubt that a good set of luggage will make Christmas travel a lot easier, especially if you are travelling without a car. Whether you are transporting personal belongings, or your bags are stuffed full of family presents, something which is sturdy and durable will ensure that your belongings reach their destination in tact. There is a great range of cheap suitcases from TJ Hughes which would be perfect for travelling during the holiday season. You could even put them on your Christmas list, or buy them for someone who will be off on their travels soon!

A good tip for your suitcase is to tie a bright ribbon or piece of fabric or tag around the handle so that it is easily recognisable. It is also useful to distribute family clothes over several suitcases - in case one gets lost, at least you will all have some belongings to get you started.

On that note, as every parent knows, travelling with children comes with it's own set of challenges, not least that they seem to require so much stuff! Whether you are going somewhere for just one night or for a few days, there always seems to be a base amount of stuff they need to travel - and parents always seem to be the ones that have to to carry it! That's why a great set of lightweight luggage is ideal for travelling with kids. If you are having to carry your stuff and your kid's stuff, whilst trying to keep a hold of them or make sure you know where they are, it is essential that you have something which is lightweight and easy-to-use. 
Luggage Sets are great because then all of your suitcases look the same - better for recognising if you are separated from your bags, and they also can typically be carried together more easily.

Even if you are not going away, Christmas is a great time for upgrading luggage sets - and TJ Hughes certainly has a great range to choose from!

Disclsoure: This is a featured post which I received payment for. All opinions are my own. 

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