Tuesday 10 December 2013

Elf on the Shelf: The day the elves went to work with Daddy (The London Edition)

We have been doing #elfontheshelf for a few years - although not in a very intensive way. The elves come to visit the girls, but rather than creating mischief, they tend to lead quite sedate livcs - mainly because they are resting from all the toy making we don't have time and also mostly because our elves are stuffed dolls, so trying to prise them from the arms of the girls is nigh on impossible.

The girls look forward every year to having their elves come to visit them. They arrive in the evening on Dec 1st, to the sound of bells and bring a pre-christmas present from Santa. They do indulge in a few late night shenanigans which the girls find hilarious.

Hubby also typically takes them off for a day's adventure much to the delight of the girls, but this year, it seems that hubby has surpassed himself in elf ingenuity - I see a new career on the horizon!

He took them off on one of his client visits to London - hopefully he kept them hidden from view of the clients! but it seems that "Holly Star" and "Angel Snowflake" had a fantastic day doing lots of touristy things - riding a train, and visiting Big Ben and The London Eye - those lucky things!! I think hubby has now set the bar rather high for me to compete now!!

Here's what eldest thought of the elves mischief.

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