Tuesday 5 August 2014

Petiton for Splash Park & Better Facilities in Gadebridge Park, Hemel Hempstead

With summer upon us, and the kids wanting to be outside, it really does make you aware of the facilities which are available in your local town. Whilst other towns have some fantastic council run amenities in the local park, and things for the kids to do, our local town of Hemel Hempstead is lacking a little bit behind other local towns such as Watford and St Albans in the facilities which it offers in it's main park. 

Our local town has a beautiful park, which is a real sprawling open space with a stream running through it. It is very picturesque. It has a children's play area and other facilities including crazy golf, a bowling green, garden games and a skate parl. One thing it is really lacking though, is a Splash Park or Paddling Pool. At present the children cool off in the stream, which is fun, but not completely safe. Another thing it really lacks is decent Toilets and a Cafe Area too. It is such a large space, that a tarmacked area for tennis courts, or ball games could also be a possibility, as could an outside gym, or other amenities to bring it more in-line with other local towns.

Having spent quite a bit of time in the park already this summer thanks to the fantastic weather, the lack of local amenities has been very evident. I have been caught short with the 4 year old needing the toilet and having to use the really basic stinky, dirty facilities with no toilet paper. They could definitely do with some modernisation. I have also been left gasping for a cup of tea and a slice of cake, with nowhere to go and buy one - a revenue really lost for the local council, or even local voluntary groups who could be making money out of the local trade in the park. At present, the ice cream van seems to have the profits from refreshments sewn up and so it would be nice to see a permanent structure there which people could use. The local Inn on the Park in St Albans serves as a Cafe venue, but also has many more uses as a venue for local classes, performances, and a sales venue for local businesses, and and so a Cafe space in the park could really be utilised and would be a much needed service.

Local Dad Ben Armstrong has started a petition to get better facilities in Gadebridge Park Hemel Hempstead, including a splash park and other amenities. I believe that it is important to get behind campaigns like this which will be of huge benefit to the local community, and will also be of benefit to my own children and their friends. I would love for this campaign to have an impact and to bring about a change in the town. A growing number of parents are asking for that change to happen, and so if you agree, please consider signing the petition to improve the local park. Please click here to sign.

What would you like to see in Gadebridge Park?

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