Monday 28 July 2014

Summer is Here!

I realise that I am a little late in celebrating the end of term, but it has taken me a week of the holidays to relax after such a manic end of term! The sports days, summer fetes, cake making, meetings, photos, leavers services and everything else school related are all over.

The last day of school happened, and a celebratory paddle in the river to finish it off, and we have got the first week of the holidays out of the way! Eldest finished year two, a lot taller and more knowledgeable than when she started. My little reception girl who started the year not being able to read or write is now sailing into year one and seems to have grown and matured so much over the last year!

I do love everything that happens in the summer term school wise, but it is amazing waking up during the holidays, knowing there is no school run, no after school activities and no deadlines!!

A summer to enjoy ourselves and enjoy the glorious weather! I will be posting about what we have been doing (just in case you're interested!!).

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