Friday 17 May 2013

Featured Post: Walkers Hoops and Crosses

Recently we were sent some Walkers Hoops and Crosses to review. Our crisps arrived with a cute monkey, which the girls loved.

Hoops and Crosses are made from 56% wholegrains per packet, which can help contribute to a healthy, balanced diet. They contain no artificial colours or preservatives, and each pack is only 85 calories.

The crisps are available in three flavours: Beef, Salt and Vinegar, and Prawn Cocktail.

Although suitable for Vegetarians, personally, most vegetarians I know don't eat meat or fish because they don't like the taste and so making meat and fish flavoured crisps, which are suitable for vegetarians, is a little confusing in my book, as most Vegetarians I know wouldn't buy them.

Ironically, we were sent the beef flavour (I'm vegetarian in case you haven't read my other blog) and so as I didn't feel that I could promote meat and fish flavoured crisps on a vegetarian website, I decided to let the non-veggie kids loose on them and write about them here.

Available in multi-packs from most major supermarkets, these crisps are predominantly targeted at kids -although the crisps contain 30% less fat, so they are also ideal for those looking for a less calorie-filled savoury snack, or perhaps watching their weight. These snacks are marketed on the Walkers Hoops and Crosses website as a "lunchbox winner" and I think that they are to a certain extent, and they compare well with other crisps targeted at kids, with the added bonus of being made from wholegrains. The kids really liked the shapes of the crisps and they are fun in that they could theoretically play hoops and crosses with them (although should we be teaching kids it's ok to play with your food?). They also loved the design of the packaging.

In all honesty, I would probably not buy these for my kids, purely only because of the flavours of the crisps which are currently available. I really like the concept of wholegrain crisps, and healthier crisps marketed at kids are a great idea. However, I felt that salt and vinegar, beef and prawn cocktail were odd flavours to market for kids. Perhaps it's because I have girls rather than boys that the flavours didn't suit them. Youngest was happy to eat a couple of the beef ones, before handing the bowl back to me, but eldest didn't like them. She said that she felt that the beef flavour was too strong and would have preferred something cheese and onion, or plain related. I tasted one and my hunch was confirmed - beef flavoured crisps are not vegetarian friendly!

We hope that Walkers Hoops and Crosses will become available in different flavours, in which case we would be happy to purchase them.

Disclosure: We received payment for this post and a sample to review.

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