Thursday 16 May 2013

Featured Post: Top Five Bedroom Accessories for Busy Families

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Does it feel like you are on your feet from the moment you wake until the minute your head hits the pillow? I know I certainly feel like this sometimes. It can be tough, being part of a busy household, but it can be even harder if your home isn’t adequately set up to support so much activity. 

Busy Mums and Dads who are juggling work, the kids and everything else, should have a home that’s designed around their busy lifestyles. Unfortunately however, some areas get overlooked. The bedroom is the perfect example. As somewhere that should provide a safe haven away from the hustle and bustle, getting this design right is more important than you might realise.

If your bedroom isn’t working for you at the moment but you don’t have the time to completely redecorate, then perhaps some of these top five accessories will be the perfect addition to help your busy family home.

1. Alarm clock
A good alarm clock could change the way you start the day. Technology has advanced now and alarm clocks have ‘smart’ settings that wake you at the most appropriate time which means you wake up feeling more refreshed and ready to start the day.

If you find the traditional bell sounds a little too disruptive then opt for something gentler. There are even some units which use soft artificial light to wake you up gradually for the best start to the day possible.

2. Trouser press
For busy families, it’s likely to still be dark outside when they wake, especially in the winter. The first thing to do is probably get the kids up, cleaned and dressed, but how can you make sure everyone’s clothes are neatly pressed or ironed? Well, now you can sidestep the need to iron work suits by having a trouser press to keep those creases at bay. Quick and easy to use, it’s a convenient solution for those without the time to iron in the morning.

3. Seating
We have changed the way we use our bedrooms in recent years. No longer simply a place to sleep, bedrooms are becoming our sanctuary. Allow yourself ten minutes out of the busy day to just relax. Whether it’s a chaise lounge, beanbag or chair, bedroom seating will provide all the comfort and serenity you need.

4. Room fragrance
As a busy parent, there’s no doubt that cleaning and tidying is always near the top of your agenda, but kitchens, bathrooms and communal areas are probably your main focus, which often leaves bedrooms neglected. Keep your bedroom smelling fresh with some beautiful room fragrance. You can get ones which release a burst of fragrance whenever motion is detected and even have some which operate on a timer. Whatever you decide, this will keep your bedroom sweet-smelling so that you can relax as soon as you step through the door.

5. Storage
Last, but certainly not least, is storage. Everyone needs suitable bedroom storage – otherwise your bedroom will become something of a dumping ground. If you’re struggling for places to store your belongings, try utilising the room more effectively. By having your bedroom storage designed around your life and your home you will always have a place for everything; allowing you to keep everything in its place!

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