Monday 25 March 2013

Lets Get Ready To Rumble!!!

When I think back to the nineties, and my teenage years, there are some things I believe in leaving firmly in the past, probably including my neon orange skirts, baggy checked shirts, and my Nike Air trainers which pumped up (so stylish).

Some of my musical tastes are probably best left in the past too. Over the past few months, I have been hearing about the programme, the Reunion, featuring some bands from the nineties including Five, Blue, Atomic Kitten and Bewitched amongst others, and have been thinking... why oh why would you want to reincarnate something which is clearly best left in the past?

So on Saturday, when I tuned into Saturday Night Takeaway, I was not prepared for the surge of emotion and nostalgia which bestowed me when I saw one of my favourite duo's of the nineties stage a come back and perform live on TV.

Yes, as a hapless teenager, I spent many hours in the local Our Price, listening to my favourite pop bands. I recall one Saturday, when a certain Pop Duo came to town, I camped out at dawn to see them, to make sure I was right at the front when they made an appearance. When they appeared, I cried, I screamed, I hyperventilated to be in the presence of pop royalty..... and I got my poster and CD cover signed by them. I also got a dodgy angled, head half cut out photo of Ant and I, which I probably still have some where in my loft.

Now that I am a mature, sensible grown-up, it appears, that I had managed to block out the embarrassing teenage behaviour which I one exhibit.... until Saturday Night that was.

As soon as those arms and legs started flying and spinning around on the TV in front of me, I was right back to the screaming fourteen year old who knew all the dance moves and had the hats and the shells suits. The kids were extremely embarrassed as I jumped around the living room, screaming in excitement as PJ & Duncan reminded me of their fabulous pre-presenting dance & singing skills.

It seems that Saturday nights performance has created quite a hit, as today, Let's get ready to rumble has soared to number one in the ITunes store. Could you imagine way back in the nineties, ever having a PJ and Duncan song available at the touch of a button on your phone? Mindblowing......

So for all those secret Byker Grove & PJ and Duncan fans, I present: Pj and Duncan, or Ant and Dec as they are now better known, performing their top hit "Let's Get Ready To Rumble".

Enjoy the trip down memory lane. I certainly did! Now.... who remembers Geoff???

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