Saturday 16 March 2013

Kid Bloggers featured in The Telegraph Magazine!!

I don't often play the proud parent card, but this weekend, I am extremely proud of eldest - especially after last weekend's antics! Eldest recently started blogging as "Betsy Lou", earning her the accolade of "Britain's Youngest Blogger" as she recounts life through her poems and stories. At the beginning of the year, she was approached to give an interview for the Saturday Telegraph Magazine, which she was excited to take part in.

After an interview with lovely Journalist Jess, and a photo-shoot - all of which eldest was really enthusiastic about, she couldn't wait to see her name in print. Eldest has patiently waited for the last month, and has kept her exciting news under wraps, and today, her interview was finally featured, as part of an article about Kid Bloggers. 

I am happy to say that Betsy Lou is really impressed with the piece, which tells readers about five influential kids airing their opinions through their blogs. The article is available on the Telegraph Website now, and it will be available in print in the Telegraph Magazine today, Saturday 16th March.

Do go out and buy a copy, and find out about all of the fabulous kid bloggers featured! Betsy Lou may even sign your copy if you're lucky!!!

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