Monday 16 July 2012

School's (Almost) Out for Summer!!

I can't wait for Friday.......

  • No more schedules.
  • No more screaming at the kids in the morning to get dressed, brush their hair, brush their teeth, eat breakfast, turn off the TV, stop playing with toys, find their reading books, put their shoes on.
  • No more school runs.
  • No more making sure the kids have the right form/money/book/uniform/donation for school.
  • No more afternoon pick-ups at 3pm.
  • No more changing poo nappies at 3pm precisely each day and arriving late for school pick-up
  • No more dragging a screaming toddler into the car at 2:50pm, only to drag her out to change said poo.
  • No more rushing to after school activities
  • No more being screamed at by the pubescent lifeguards for being on my phone whilst watching eldest during swimming lessons.
  • No more sitting opposite the bitchy mums at ballet and hearing their inane conversations, entitled conversations.
  • No more rushing here, there and everywhere to collect and drop off kids.
  • No more rushing home and having to magic dinner out of thin air in twenty minutes before bed
  • No more packing bags for the next day each night
  • No more screaming at the kids to go to sleep so they get up for school the next day.
  • No more Sunday night's getting organised for school the next week
  • No more weeks in the diary filled with dates, times and appointments.
  • No more bad weather (wishful thinking)

Six weeks of virtual freedom. Unfilled, unscheduled time. Time to do whatever we want. A scary or liberating prospect? 

I Can't wait now.......although I may be wishing this in a few weeks.

Almost there......

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