Thursday 26 July 2012

Idea's for Things To Do in the Summer Holidays

It's the first week of the summer holidays and the concept of entertaining the children for six weeks is still taking a while to sink in. This is the first year that we are experiencing official school summer holidays and whilst we have been looking forward to them, I am still wondering how we are going to fill our time. I'm sure when I was a kid, we just used to play out the front of  the house and amuse ourselves, but these days it seems that a little more entertainment is in order.  Youngest bless her is still quite little, so she is happy to go with the flow and do whatever.  Eldest (5 yrs old) has written her list of demands wishes for the summer holidays, and if it is down to her, it looks like we'll be having a pretty busy summer!.

Although America is unfortunately off the cards, we are taking a trip to Euro Disney (shh don't tell her, it's a surprise), so she will be able to tick that off the list. We also have Willows Farm membership, and a two for one voucher for the Zoo, so they should be doable. Eldest is off to a party at Mead Farm - another tick off the list, and The Science Museum is free, as is a trip to "Grandad's Caravan" by the sea, so it's just the travel to pay for.

As well as these trips that do cost a bit of money, we have been looking for free things to do. Here are some other free activities we will be embarking on in the summer holidays.
  • Visit to the park
  • Visit to the local beach/paddling/swimming pool
  • Walk along the canal
  • Countryside Ramble
  • Picnic in the park
  • Sports in the park
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Trip to the local museums 
  • Camping in the Garden
  • Cooking/Baking
  • Colouring/Crafts
  • Cinema Trip
  • Fashion Show 
  • Local Free Activities

To also do something school-wise, eldest is writing a diary of what she is doing each day - it means she is practicing her writing, and it's also a nice record of her summer holiday. We are going to add photo's, drawings and tickets to it too.

So what are you doing for the summer holidays, we would love to hear your plans!

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