Saturday 5 September 2015

Save Syria's Children - Please Help the Refugee Crisis Today

It's been a while since I have blogged over here about our life as a family. Life has seemed to get in the way of parent blogging in recent months. However, having enjoyed the summer with the kids, I'm back today with an important post about the refugee crisis in Syria.

Thank goodness we have been able to enjoy a lovely summer together. My kids have loved being able to play outside with their friends and roam free in safety. Thank goodness that the biggest decisions we have had to make are things like whether to do visit the park or the swimming pool, play on a scooter or a bike, or to eat Pizza or Pasta for tea. Those small choices pale into insignificance when we contemplate that some children in the world are currently faced with much more mind blowing decisions to make and situations to face.

We don't realise how lucky we are to live in a safe country, with all of the things we take for granted. We don't realise how lucky we are that our kids are able to go to school, play outside freely in many places and enjoy their childhood free of War or Poverty.

For many children in the world at the moment, this is not the case. Imagine normal daily life changing in a heartbeat and finding yourself in the middle of the war zone, having to flee your home. This is what has happened to many children in Iraq and Syria. I'm sure that many of you have seen pictures and footage of the refugee crisis on TV or read about it int he media. The current refugee crisis is the worse it has been since the second world war and so many children are affected.

Here are some quick facts you need to know about the refugee crisis

I can't imagine something like this happening to my kids but it could so easily be them. It could so easily be any of us. These people haven't asked to leave their homes. They have been forced to. Just look at this before and after of a tree lined street in Syria. If this was your town what would you do? Would you stay, or would you seek asylum elsewhere?

These people trying to reach Europe are like us. They have families like us. They have feelings like us. Their situation is desperate. So desperate that many of them are willing to risk their lives and pay gangs to smuggle them into Europe often with devastating consequences.

They need our help.

So what can you do? 

How can you help from behind your computer screen? 

Well there are things that you can do to help.You can sign a petition to accept more asylum seekers and support for refugee migrants in the UK

You could also help support displaced refugees with practical donations. Many churches, groups and individuals are organising collections, so look out for them in your local area.

Finally you could consider donating funds to Save The Children. Save The Children are on the ground in the Middle East and throughout the world directly helping refugees and positively impacting their lives.

To Donate, please TEXT 70008 and the word SYRIA to donate £5.

Or Donate Online via the Save The Children Website.

You can find out more about Syria's Children by following #SaveSyriasChildren on social media.

Please don't turn a blind eye. Do Something to help. Anything. Whatever you decide, don't choose apathy.

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