Tuesday 31 March 2015

Review: Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor and Pager Tag

Recently I was sent a couple of products from the Beets Blu range to review. Beets Blu are specialists in the fields of mobile apps, fitness technologies and electronics. Now I love using devices which pair with my smartphone, so I was excited to review the products and see how they worked.

The Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor is a portable device which pairs with your smartphone or computer to measure your heart rate during workouts. The monitor helps you to control your heart rate, which enables you to achieve training tasks such as working on strengthening the cardiovascular system, and stamina. It also helps avoid your heart from working too hard and over training. The heart rate monitor is suitable for both men and women and has a range of up to ten metres.

Now I have to confess, I am not an athlete in any way, shape or form, but I have started exercising again more regularly again recently and so I found the heart rate monitor really useful to measure how I was doing. You do have to ensure that it is in the right place, and it is tight enough to avoid moving whilst exercising. I did find that it stayed in place whilst I exercised and afterwards, I was able to look at the associated app I downloaded on my smart phone and get a report of my heart rate performance during the workout. I would definitely recommend buying it and trying it out!

I also received a Beets Blu Pager Tag Bluetooth key finder to review. I was so glad that I received this as I am forever losing my car keys! The Pager Tag attaches to your bunch of car keys very easily and acts as a location monitor and alarm to help you find them.

The BeetsBlu Pager Tag allows you to track it via an app on your mobile phone. It can help you to track your valuables and detect where lost or forgotten items are. The Pager Tag will also alert you when your item is outside of a certain range, via sound and LED lights. It can track location, and it also has an alarm which can be triggered to sound from the Beets Blu app.

I was very impressed with the Beets Blu Pager Tag, and it is definitely something I can see myself using. You can also set it via your phone to trigger every time you enter and leave a location, and every time the pager tag is taken out of range. I have to say that the PagerTag is quite sensitive, so you do have to be careful what settings you use, or you may find that when the connection with devices is lost (i.e phone upstairs keys downstairs), the Pager Tag is sending notifications to your phone more often than needs be.  However, I found the Pager Tag really easy to install and pair with the app, which I downloaded, The app is also very intuitive to use.

Although you can only pair your key finder with one device, you can actually pair more than one key finder per device. I recently had my handbag stolen from the supermarket and I kicked myself for not having a tracking device in there. Now that we have this sort of technology available, I am definitely going to get another Pager Tag to keep in my handbag as the disruption was huge when my handbag went missing and a tracking device would have helped me to locate it.

I would definitely recommend both of these devices to others as they definitely help to monitor heart rate and also to keep track of your belongings.

Beets Blu products are available via Amazon as per the links above.

Disclosure: Product offered in consideration for review. 

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