Monday 17 November 2014

Remember Remember Family Fun in November!

Well It's been rather a busy month! Here's what we have been doing so far with our November:

Despite the rain, we enjoyed a very wet bonfire night. We went to the local display in Watford with Nanny and the display was very impressive as always with lots of big bangs! The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves!!

We are English Heritage Members and so have loved using our membership this year to visit Wrest Park in Beds. Wrest Park is beautiful in all seasons, but I especially loved the autumnal colour of the trees during this visit. I also took some lovely pictures of youngest and Daddy, despite her having a tantrum on the long walk around the gardens!

 Hubby took me to see the Poppies on my Birthday which was on Remembrance Day. We arrived for 11am when the last post was played, and so it was a very special poignant moment to be part of history celebrating one hundred years since the start of World War One, and remembering all those who have fallen in the line of duty. We then enjoyed a day in London where we walked up the South Bank, and saw the Shard and Houses of Parliament. We also visited the German Christmas Market and ate at a lovely Pizza place, so it was a lovely birthday. I then took the kids back to visit Hamleys in London at the weekend and to attend the premiere of "Get Santa", which I will be telling you all about soon!

So there you go - a little update of how our November has been so far!!

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