Monday 15 April 2013

Featured Post: Choosing a Family Car - The New Honda CRV 2013'

When you have kids, the likelihood is that you will find yourself swapping that sporty, zippy, fab looking car for a more practical, family orientated car. Yes, whilst your (or your partner's) bump blooms, and you peruse the baby equipment shops, the realisation slowly suddenly dawns that the brand new all singing all dancing cost-more-than-your-monthly-salary buggy will not fit into the boot of your current car. In this post, we look at what to consider when buying a family car, and find out more about the new Honda CRV 2013 - one of the choices to consider when buying a family car.

What to consider when buying a family car
There are quite a few things to consider when buying a family car. Things which you considered important in a car pre-kids such as leather seats, alloy wheels, sun roof, bluetooth and mp3 functionality, may no longer apply, or may still be as important as ever, but practicality and functionality generally takes priority over the more superficial elements of a car. Here are a few things which we found important when purchasing our family car:

Boot Space
Boot space is a big factor when you have kids, especially in the first couple of years. It's important to consider as I said before, whether the buggy will fit comfortably. It's also important to ensure that the buggy does not take up the whole boot - can you get your weekly supermarket shop and the buggy in the boot? Also consider the type of journeys you may be making by car. Could you get all of the kit for a weekend away, and the buggy in the car? Is there room for the kid's bikes when they are older? Do the back seats lie flat to make more boot space if necessary?

Car Seats
Ensure that you choose a car seat which fits correctly into the car, or a car which will fit the car seats you already have. Make sure that there is enough room to manoeuvre so that the first stage rear-facing car seat is not touching the front passenger seat. Consider forecasting in advance. Could you get more than one car seat in the car if needs be? What about more than two?

Fuel Economy
With an extra person to pay for, it is useful to consider whether the fuel consumption of your new car is going to be economical, or eat into your bank balance. It is also useful to consider whether you prefer a diesel or petrol engine, and how many miles you think you might drive a year.

Roof Rails
Does the car have the ability to have roof rails fitted for that extra space in years to come? With all seats full of passengers, you need a way to transport cases and luggage on that family road trip!

Even though you want a car to be practical, ultimately, you still want your car to look good, to impress your pre-baby (don't understand the need for so much space) friends. Cars like the new Honda model can still fit that criteria. Available in various colours, the Honda still has enough fantastic features inside and out to impress.

As a parent, you end up spending a lot of time in the car, whether it's driving the babies round to help them sleep when they are little, settling in and hanging out for an hour whilst baby sleeps during their nap, or ferrying kids back and forth on the school run as they get older, you need to feel comfortable in your car. Consider whether the car has the comfort features you are looking for. Some nice features to have may include heated seats, arm rests, wipeable seats, and perhaps even in-car entertainment to keep you all pacified on long journeys, and enough sockets to keep everything charged.

Buying a family car is a huge investment, so try to choose carefully, consider what is really important to you personally, and take your time, making sure that you choose the model which is right for you. 

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post, which is in association with Honda.

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