Tuesday 26 February 2013

Youngest's Christening

I haven't been doing much personal blogging recently as to be honest, I haven't particularly felt that I've had a lot to say! I think you have times like that in life, the quiet moments, where lots of stuff is happening behind the scenes, but it's not particularly noteworthy or worth shouting about. Recently, my blog has featured more "informative article" type posts rather than talking about myself, because believe it or not, I hate talking about myself.

However, I thought I would share with you a special thing that  happened in our family a couple of weeks ago:

We finally had youngest Christened at the age of three years!!!

Our former church goes in for mass christenings now - which isn't really our style as I'm more of personal kind of gal, and so having started attending a new church (when we can get the kids up and ready on a Sunday!), we forced  family and friends along to a Sunday service to see youngest be christened. After learning about being christened at school, Eldest (the expert) had spent the weeks before preparing youngest for the occasion of being "welcomed into God's family", and youngest was a star on the day and didn't make a peep as the vicar drenched her.

It was a lovely "Do" as my eighty-something Nan put it (old people love a good "do"), and it was good to have a cause for celebration and to gather everyone together for the occasion.

I didn't really get a good picture of youngest on the day, but here she is in her Christening dress.


  1. I love this post, puts my faith back in real family values. Love the Granny comment!

  2. Thanks Jo, it was a lovely day x



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