Monday 22 October 2012

The One Where I Used To Dance.

Even though it's good to focus on where you are going, sometimes, it's nice to also remember the places that you have been and the path that your life has taken. My life now is vastly different to my life pre-kids - as I'm sure is the case for many people. Pre-children, one of the things I most loved to do was dance. Although I never had the body to be a dancer, and mostly had the wrong 'look' too according to some, I absolutely loved doing it and it made me happy - which is the main reason that anyone should do anything.

In my early twenties I was in a dance company called "Culture Shock UK". We were an early 2000's version of Diversity, Flawless, and all of the amazing hip-hop/street dance companies or "crews" that you see today. Over the last ten years, street dance has burst into the main stream in the UK, mostly pioneered by many former Culture Shock UK members who you will regularly see dancing with artistes on tour and on shows such as XFactor, So You Think You Can Dance, and Got To Dance. Whenever I see people street dancing on the TV, you can pretty much guarantee a Culture Shock UK alumni will be dancing, or will have choreographed the dancers. Some of my former dance friends are now famous in their own rite as dancers, teachers, models, and personalities. Needless to say I did not follow their path. Although I did do some commercial dance work, I spent a lot of my time teaching dance to others as sharing my passion for dance was what made me happy, rather than finding glory on stage. After I had kid's finding the time to continue dancing got harder and harder and now I find myself driving my girls to their own dance classes three times a week rather than driving myself to mine.

Still, sometimes it's nice to remember the former you, so here I am - in the middle in this video, circa 2003, doing my stuff with other CSUK members to Justin Timberlake. What did you love to do pre-kids?

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  1. I thought, no she means Pans People or Legs and Co, when you first mentioned those dance groups :)



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