Monday 10 September 2012

The First Full Day......

I must admit that whilst I have also been a little sad, I have been looking forward to this day for a while. After eldest started back at school last week, today is the day that youngest starts her first full day in Nursery School. This means that both girls are now doing full days at school and nursery.

Having already been doing pre-school sessions, for youngest it's only a transition into the big room with lunch and an afternoon session added on. She has been desperate to get back to school all summer and so she was so excited this morning. As soon as she was out of the car she ran into school so fast and with a quick kiss goodbye she was in and playing!

Though I am a bit sad to move on properly from the baby stage, for me its two and a half days a week to get the housework done, write essays for my uni courses, do paid work and blog! Just that bit of extra space to actually get stuff done, with the added bonus of still being able to have youngest around on the days she is off school.

Now how long until half-term?

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